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Ayush has self-driven and diverse experience within data oriented product development organisations. His experience includes open source development, coding in industry frameworks, rapid prototyping on different datasets, leading quality improvement, architecting end-to-end analytics projects and cross-functional collaboration for business insights. He has wide technical skills set including Machine Learning, API Development, Google Cloud, Image Processing, Spatial Analytics, NLP, SQL, Augmented Reality, Gamification


Education in IIT Kanpur

Research in University of Hanover

Focused on ML, AI, Geoinformatics

Industrial experience in SkyMap Global, Practo, Transerve, OYO, WhoAmI NGO

   Technical Skills

  • Geoinformatics
  • Machine Learning and Data Engineering
  • API development
  • Cloud services and Industry frameworks
  • Algorithms, Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Gamification

   Professional Skills

  • Technical Leadership
  • Self-motivation
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management


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Geo Informatics

Exploring world through the eye of Geo Geek. Learn power of map

Data Science

Data Science and Engineering technologies


Seeking Gamification elements in non-game contexts


My travel-life stories and what is happening in the World

Data Science and Engineering

Credit Card Spend Analysis, Predicting Flight Delay, Spell Correction, Ranking Twitter Posts

Machine Learning

Object Detection, Topic and Sub-topic Identification


Identify Commercial Centre, Spectral Information Extraction, Change Detection


Kinect Map Visualisation, Online Travel Diary Locator

Certified Courses / Comptitions

Google Cloud, Google Maps API, Image and Video processing

Latest Project -> MlOps Neuro - Model Deployment

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Technnical Lead [Platform Team - Cloud MLOps Architect]


Skymap Global

Lead researcher and developer of applications based on ML, Google Cloud, AR, Google Map



Software Engineer - API development, churn calculation and app deployment on AWS


IIT Kanpur

Dual degree (B.Tech-M.Tech) Civil (Geoinformatics) and Minor degree in MBA


Leibniz University

GIS Research Intern - Kinect V2 map visualization on Cesium WebGL


Oravel / OYO

Graphic and Web Designer Intern - Analysis of effective website design

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Few Testimonials

Helped 100+ Students :)

Asked about the scope of geo-informatics and job oppurtunities. All were very clearly resolved ! Ur are doing awesome job keep doing 😊



Asked What to choose and what not to for thesis and also scopes for future in GIS. A very good guidance was given by Ayush of what topics should I choose with my interest and what scopes will I get in future .

Mithwa Acharya


Asked How to initiate in this field. Given How i can initiate with what kind of course and my primary focus area. It helps.I remember before 3 years ago when i was completely new in this field after completion of my graduation in Civil engineering.You direct me about courses and some of institutes.I also appreciate your help when i was confused about how to boost career as fresher,what are the important topics i supposed to focus on based on my interest.Where i look forward is if we build GIS community in India to keep updates,meets ,articles and challenges to discuss with people like you.We can bring this together.

Vaghasiya Nidhi


I had many questions such as how is geoinformatics field, Is it much of a coding or civil engineering, placement opportunity at IITK in this specialization, what to prepare as beginner before starting curriculum at IITK in this course etc. I got satisfactory answers from answers posted by you on Quora and website and also personal interaction with you. Just keep it up because entering altogether different field for doing specialization after Btech is always big decision for anyone and at such time if one gets opportunity to interact and hear from someone who has already done it helps a lot.

Shashank Santoshrao


Most of my queries revolved around,'how to get into the field of geoinformatics?','what skills and programming languages are required to be learnt?' and 'which universities to target?' all my queries were resolved. Ayush suggested me to apply for universities abroad like ITC in Netherlands and some other US universities where they offer a degree in Geoinformatics. And for the skills he emphasized on learning Python,ArcGIS through online courses to get a lay of the land. I think you guided really well. I would suggest you to start a YouTube channel or make videos on your own channel for people who want to enter this field, your journey so for, Dos and Don'ts ,the mistakes that you might have made that the future aspirants should avoid, skills required to enter, your plans etc.

Neelam Chavan


Overview of the specialization, opportunities involved and career prospects. Query resolved about coursework , areas in which department is doing research work and placement stats for the previous batches and prerequisite to prepare myself for the new curriculum (getting familiar with MATLAB and Surveying)


Asked about Satellite image processing and photogrammetry. Keep doing this good work... really helpful for people who are new to this field

Neethu Narayanan


Asked about How to proceed with the subject and the tools/skills required. It was a great help. Very nice guidance was given. Told me that the basic tools are ARCGis and QGIS, asked me to explore a bit more, learn Python, and yeah try out new possibilities like programming/analytics/computer side, etc. What you are doing it great! Thankyou for guiding me at the right time :)

Vedashree Mankar


I wanted to understand the diversities and applications in this field. Being a geoinformatics engineer myself, it was crucial for me to what's there for me ahead. Yes, they were resolved. I was suggested more good technologies and platforms to explore further. Keep helping the community.

Divya Singhal



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