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Passion For The Map - Exploring the World

This is what my Blog and Quora Answers are about

Geo Informatics

Exploring world through the eye of Geo Geek


Looking for engaging technologies - Web and Android app


Seeking Gamification elements in non-game contexts


My travel-life stories and what is happening in the World

I am lucky to have experiences in many Disciplines


Software Engineer - API Development, Churn calculation and app deployment on AWS

IIT Kanpur

Dual degree (B.Tech-M.Tech) Civil (Geoinformatics) and Minor degree in MBA with Dance, Management

Leibniz University

GIS Research Intern - Kinect V2 Map Visualization

Transerve Technologies

GIS technology Intern - Open Source Web App Development


Graphic and Web Designer Intern - Analysis of Most Effective Website Design


Bungee Jumping, River Rafting, Cliff Jumping with Online Courses and Comptitions

You can learn the power of map

Exploring world in Creative and Logical way - IIT Kanpur, Travelling Vibe, Naruto Fan, Map Buff, Music Lover, Internet Junkie

I have more than two years of professional experience in applying Geoinformatics to different areas. I have a wide technical skill set including Machine learning, Image processing, Photoshop and my favorite Gamification. I have gained understanding of local government & how much Geo plays a role.

I like everything that is uncommon and manage it. I take things as they come and enjoy having a good time. I think myself as lively, fun to be with, and good-humored.

My life's journey!

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